As if…

Mountains came close
As the fog cleared away
With the waves beneath my feet
Nothing but the sea in between
Felt as if the world had disappeared

Like I were literally alone
With those snow capped mountains
Conversing through glances;
With all that our eyes have seen

We left the trenches
Armed with fear, yet devilishly keen
We revealed hushed secrets
Over swirling waters…

Felt as if nothing could hurt me anymore
No one could break my heart
None would wear off my patience
And ghosts would not steal away my courage

Losing is more than a challenge
In a world of nothingness
Clouds don’t speak
Nor would they cry
Long, long ago
Rain declared its independence…

Mountains discreetly whisper
Snow calms me down
So breathes the heart
Heart that has long been crippled;
No one moves
No one reaches out

Pain is felt
In silence and
With respect
Pain is shared
Without embarrassment
And regret
No one
No one speaks of healing yet

Snow caresses my hair
Wind boils up the sea
Clouds don’t speak
Nor would they scream
In silence I remain
As if nothing exists
As if there is no pain

Painless City, December 2014

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